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Our Model Pupils

The first unit for our S1 Biology pupils focuses on Multicellular Organisms and Reproduction. Their first homework exercise for this unit comprises of two parts - a written exercise and a practical task where the pupils are asked to make a model of either an animal or a plant cell. The pupils can use any materials they like to make their model but it has to be complete with labels so that they can consolidate their knowledge of cell structure. This is a fantastic activity for our kinaesthetic learners and our pupils really used their imagination to make some excellent models. Mrs Weir said, “I was really impressed with the models made by the class. They used a variety of different materials

Whagon’s Roll at Wallace Hall

On Monday the 9th December, we were delighted to host the official launch of our new Barista project. This project provides excellent employability skills and is the first of its kind in Dumfries and Galloway. In attendance were Walter Smith, Tom Armstrong, Stewart Thomson, Ryan Taylor, Jill Millar and Sheila Notman from the Prince's Trust, Graeme Galloway from DYW, Karen Dalgliesh from the Hollywood Trust, Gavin Stevenson Chief Executive of Dumfries and Galloway Council, Neil Johnstone from Business Gateway, Louise Cochran Head of the Parent Council, Lorna McCandlish from Miko Coffee and Lesley Sloan, Curriculum Support Officer, Education and Learning Directorate . It was fantastic to see

Primary 3 Walk in Robert Burns Footsteps

On Friday 17th January P3 went on a trip to Dumfries to learn more about Robert Burns. We had been learning a little bit about him in class. We travelled by minibus and car. Mrs. Hannah, Mrs. Henderson (teacher), Mrs. Henderson (parent), Ms. Harkness, Mrs. Clingan and Miss Blackadder came with us. We left school in the morning at 10 o’clock. First we visited Robert Burns House. It was really interesting! Robert Burns had actually lived there! We saw what the kitchen would have looked like when he was alive. We saw a desk where he wrote his poems and songs. We even saw his writing on the window that he had scratched on with a ring. We saw his bedroom too and that’s where he died. We learned t

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Success

Seven Wallace Hall Academy students met recently with Gary Kirkpatrick, Wider Achievement Worker for Duke of Edinburgh (DofE), to discuss their next steps with the award process. Ella Gildert, Jordanna Hall, Mia Larisma, Millie Macklin, John McKay, Luke McKay and Hannah Ogilvie are currently finishing off their Silver Award and are looking forward to being presented with their certificates at the regional awards ceremony being held at the Easterbrook Hall on 30th January. Hannah, who is in S5, said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I have had through participating in the DofE Silver Award. Our 3-day expedition really challenged us but we demonstrated resilience and arrived back at

Our Erasmus Visitors

As part of the ERASMUS exchange project, pupils from Hugo Trefner Gymnasium in Estonia and from Sint-Paulus Campus College in Waregem visited Wallace Hall Academy last term. Students and staff stayed with host families and spent time in school as well as visiting many local attractions including Drumlanrig Castle, Morton Castle and Durisdeer. The students also enjoyed an action packed day in Ayr and a tourist day in Edinburgh. For the first part of the week the visiting and host students were based mainly in and around Wallace Hall Academy and Thornhill completing their project work. Task topics looked at differences in cultures, accessibility and acceptance, and paparazzi and reporting. At

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