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Employability Fortnight at WHPS

P1 get a visit from Mr Graham

Earlier this week, Wallace Hall Primary 1 pupils had a visit from Mr Graham as part of the Employability Fortnight at Wallace Hall Primary. Mr Graham spoke to the class about his career path towards becoming a Head Teacher at Wallace Hall.

Mr Graham was keen to emphasise that employability is a key part of life and that lots of activities done in school will prepare pupils for their jobs in life. He said: “It is likely that you will change your job many times during your life and therefore we need to help underpin and develop the skills that will help you get jobs in the future.”

The P1 pupils all had a question they wanted to ask Mr Graham and Mr Graham managed to answer most of them!

Wallace Hall Primary 7 and S3 Mock Interviews

Report by Ella (P7)

Wallace Hall Primary 7 pupils and Wallace Hall Academy S3 pupils have been working together to develop their employability skills for Employability Fortnight.

First the P7s discussed with their teachers what they would like to do when they are older which then got sent off to the S3s who created job adverts. The job adverts included a job description as well as skills and qualities. The P7s completed the job applications based on the colourful job adverts. They also received an interview invitation.

We were all very nervous about going to the interviews but by the end of them everybody felt excited and pleased with their feedback from the S3s and all the P7s got the job!


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