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Health & Wellbeing


This section of the website will include information and useful links for pupils, parents and other family members on how to support, improve or manage health and wellbeing. 

Please click on the relevant tabs to the left of the page for more information and support. 


(New content will be added on a regular basis)


5 Steps to Wellbeing Menu


Please see attached menu for students (and families) to participate in.  Some of our Senior Leaders having been sharing ways that they look after their own Mental and Physical Health, please see the link below to see how they look after their Wellbeing. 

How our senior leaders look after their wellbeing:


Click on the link here to view how our senior leaders look after their wellbeing.

Pupil Support Contact Details

Staying Connected – Keeping Safe (Secondary Pupils)

Whilst our school has to close to you for normal classes, it’s really important to us you still feel that you have someone to talk to and that you feel safe. Although teachers might not be in the school building, they are still working, and so, there are still ways for you to keep in touch. Below are some useful numbers and other things to think about.

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