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Battlefields 2018

On Saturday 8th September at 23:00 our adventure to France began. We all took our seats preparing for the 10 hour coach ride ahead of us. We arrived at Dover the next morning ready to board the ferry to Calais. After arriving in France we made our way to Notre Dame De Lorette which is the largest French Military Cemetery in the world. When we pulled up beside the cemetery, the reason we signed up for the battlefields trip really hit us. The horizon seemed to be made up of nothing but the 20,000 white crosses standing proudly in the sunshine, many of us weren't prepared for the numbers that we were looking at. Opposite the cemetery stands 500 tall steel plaques arranged in a circle with the

Ellie is the first!

StartFragmentToday Mr Blair had the honour of presenting the first reading certificate of the year to Ellie from S1 who achieved her Bronze Level.EndFragment Well done to Ellie and keep reading!

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