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Thornhill Golf Club Blog One

Sitting just outside the village, Thornhill Golf Club is a gem not to be missed for any keen golfer. Established in 1893 as a 9-hole course it was extended to an 18-hole course in 1979.

With the coronavirus pandemic in that last couple of years, the golf course has been seen as the happy place for many people, or even just another excuse to get out of the house, and as many of you know, when you get the golf bug, there is no going back! This has led to an increase in members by around 100 people. The pandemic also caused a huge disruption to open competitions, but hopefully with all the restrictions on the way out, we will get a full calendar year of golf this year with no trouble.[1]

As well as the pandemic, the club has also struggled with many storms over the winter. Taking their toll on the golf course were Storm Eunice (18th of February), Storm Franklin (21st of February), however the most damaging storm was Storm Arwen, back on the 26th of November last year. As well as all the water that came down, the wind arguably caused more trouble, with trees coming down left, right and centre. Ash Dieback and also diseased larch is another reason contributing to the loss of so many trees around the course and the wider estate.

Recently the club started the mission of replanting all these trees. Some areas that there are trees going in at are the 4th and the 10th. The type of trees that are being planted are copper beech, which will turn vibrant red come spring/summer, and in the wetter areas of the course, alder and rowan are being planted. All these species are already natural to the area so therefore should blend in nicely. We are working in partnership with the Buccleuch Estate, of whom we rent the land off. As well as this, paths have been re-laid between the 9th and 10th tee, as well as up to the clubhouse. This will hopefully tidy up this area. Wallace Hall Academy have recently expressed an interest in getting involved in the ecological aspects of the club. At Wallace Hall there is a very keen eco committee with many pupils looking to make a difference. They have been invited to participate in the ‘Queens Green Canopy’ which is an event taking place to mark the Queens 70 years on the throne. The goal of the initiative is to increase the protection of the native tree cover. They would like to keep the process as healthy as possible for the environment so trees that will be planted will made sure to be suitable for the course’s conditions. What the school are looking to do is to come up to the course and plant some tress in aid of the gift to the queen. This should be a fantastic way to spread awareness of the club and to get more youngsters involved.

As well as all the on-course work that is being done, the clubhouse has also had a huge revamp. Over the winter months the club has seen renovations in the bathrooms, ladies locker room and the club lounge, as well as the porch being re-tiled. This work has been made successful thanks to the many volunteers and members willing to give up their time to help us. It is greatly appreciated.

It also goes without saying the job the greenkeepers have done over the winter.

We would also like to wish the best of luck to our two captains this year who are David Smith and Gladys McClymont, as well as the rest of the committee members, who are as follows: Ian Wilson, Beth Collins, Jim Nicholson, Jean Farish, Anne Murphy, Jim Walker, David Mitchell, Shona Williamson, Shona Weir, Allison Oldroyd, Jock Harkness and Michael Ayres.

Please see the attached fixture list.

Best Wishes to all for the season and happy Golfing,

Sam Irving and Fergus Bainbridge.


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