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Duke of Edinburgh Silver Success

Seven Wallace Hall Academy students met recently with Gary Kirkpatrick, Wider Achievement Worker for Duke of Edinburgh (DofE), to discuss their next steps with the award process. Ella Gildert, Jordanna Hall, Mia Larisma, Millie Macklin, John McKay, Luke McKay and Hannah Ogilvie are currently finishing off their Silver Award and are looking forward to being presented with their certificates at the regional awards ceremony being held at the Easterbrook Hall on 30th January.

Hannah, who is in S5, said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed the experiences I have had through participating in the DofE Silver Award. Our 3-day expedition really challenged us but we demonstrated resilience and arrived back at our base within the time frame.” Mia, also S5, added, “DofE has been such an amazing experience and I have learned lots of new skills. I would really recommend getting involved with DofE – you won’t regret it.”

Ian Patterson, Expedition Assessor, said, “The Silver Expedition Team clearly enjoyed their venture, and there was a great sense of togetherness in the team. Each member took on the navigation at times and appeared to grow in confidence with it over the 3 days. The group told me that they would like to go on and do the gold award – well, based on what I saw over the 3 days of the expedition I’m sure this would be well within your ability. Good luck and congratulations on completing your Silver Expedition.”

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