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Contact Us

Wallace Hall 2-18,
Station Road

Contact us by Phone:
Main Switchboard 01848 332120

Primary Office 01848 332140
(Outside office hours you may leave a message on our answering machine) 


Contact us by e-mail
Academy E-mail address -
Nursery and Primary E-mail address - 
E-mails will be re-directed to the relevant member of staff. 

Contact in Person 
Office hours 8.30 am - 4.45 pm 
Please contact us beforehand for an appointment. 

Who to Contact: 
Mr B Graham - Head Teacher

Mr J Blair - Depute Head Teacher
Euan Mack - Depute Head Teacher
Depute Head Teacher - Sarah McDiarmid (ELC-P3) Mon - Wed
Depute Head Teacher - Janis Gray (P4-P7)

Mrs L Mack - Pupil Support Scaur
Mrs L Robertson - Pupil Support Nith
Mrs K Fraser - Pupil Support Cairn

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