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Sam hits the Magic Million

Sam Maxwell in p7 at Wallace Hall Primary recently received a certificate for becoming an Accelerated Reader word millionaire and a Head Teacher Award for his continued commitment to improving his reading. Sam said: "I was really happy to get my millionaire word certificate and I have been reading lots at home for my mum and dad".

However, Sam's talents extend way beyond reading, he also produced an outstanding piece of written work inspired by Cressida Cowells' "Talking Wild Woods" podcast. This podcast was part of the recent Reading is Magic Festival and Sam's story took inspiration from Cressida's discussion of the umbrella thorn acacia tree and soon a world of wizards, chefs and pets who lived in a world of trees was born. Magic and spears flew in equal amounts. It was truly captivating and inspiring.

Sam and P7 agree with Cressida Cowell in that: "reading is magic, and magic is for everyone."


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