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Celebrating Success at Wallace Hall Academy

Our annual Wallace Hall Academy Senior and Junior Celebration of Success ceremonies sadly were not able to take place last academic session and, due to continuing Covid-19 restrictions, we are unfortunately still not able to get together as a school for such events. This week, all students who won prizes and certificates in session 2019-2020 were presented with their certificate by their class tutor. Certificates will be posted to our leavers to ensure their achievements are also recognised.

Barry Graham, Head Teacher, said: “We still wanted to recognise the fantastic achievements of our terrific young people despite the fact that the ceremonies could not go ahead last session. The current Covid-19 restraints meant that we had to present these certificates in a different manner but this in no way diminishes our pupils’ achievements. I would like to congratulate all young people who received a prize or a certificate and encourage them to continue to work hard in all of their subjects this year.”


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