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The Enchanted Land

In November 2019, I started volunteering at the Peter Pan Moat Brae Trust - a children’s (and adults) Literature Centre in Dumfries. I volunteered to get more experience in a professional environment and before I started I had to fill out a form and attend an interview. Two weeks after the interview I was delighted to be invited to join the volunteer team.

My first day volunteering at Moat Brae felt surreal, I did not feel like I was in rainy Dumfries and Galloway, I truly felt like I had stepped into the pages of Peter Pan. I began as a steward in the house, this entails giving advice and information, showing visitors around the house and helping ensure Moat Brae is an enchanting place to visit.

Moat Brae is largely focused on JM Barrie and Peter Pan, as the house and garden is where JM Barrie got the inspiration for Neverland. We also promote various books and book launches and most weekends feature on a selected book. During December, we had the Snow Queen visiting Moat Brae, and the Grinch! Then in the New Year, it was the witches from Ross Mackenzie’s new book, Evernight! These witches cast spells which was exciting. Some weekends there are pirates lurking around the house causing trouble!

Volunteering at Moat Brae immediately makes me feel better, when I see the smiles on adults faces as they re-live their childhoods and the awe and amazement in children’s eyes as they discover the magic of Peter Pan, I cannot help but smile. I am extremely lucky to get this opportunity as it is such an amazing place to work. Whatever your age, I highly recommend a visit to Moat Brae and the enchanted land of Peter Pan.

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