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Scottish Schools Burns Competition

The annual Dumfries and Galloway Scottish Schools Burns competition was held on Saturday 15th February in Dumfries Academy. Competition was fierce for both primary and secondary pupils in all sections (singing, recitation, instrumental and bagpiping) with 150 young people from more than 30 schools taking part. The judges had some very difficult decisions to make.

Wallace Hall was very well represented by Luke Pendred, Skye Ross and Aine O’Hara in the P6/P7 instrumental class, Max Zygadlo and Callum Padkin competing in the P4/P5 recitation class, Leon Clow and Molly McTeir in the S1/S2 recitation class, Lois Geddes in the S5/S6 recitation class, Daisy Arnold and Euan Wilson in the S1/S2 instrumental class, Priya Rome, Kyle Anderson and Darroch Wood in the S3/S4 instrumental class, Molly McTeir and Lacie Freeman in the S1/S2 singing class, Ailsa Black in the S5/S6 singing class and Corey Anderson in the S1/S2 bagpiping class.

All of the pupils from Wallace Hall performed very well and came away with a very well deserved certificate of participation. Gold and silver medal winners from Wallace Hall were as follows: P6/P7 Instrumental – Skye Ross (Gold) and Aine O’Hara (Silver), S1/S2 Recitation – Molly McTeir (Gold), S1/S2 Singing – Molly McTeir, S1/S2 Bagpiping – Corey Anderson (Silver), S3/S4 Instrumental – Kyle Anderson (Gold), S5/S6 Recitation – Lois Geddes (Silver), S5/S6 Singing – Ailsa Black (Silver). Skye Ross was delighted to be chosen as Best Primary School Instrumentalist and went on to perform again at the prizewinners’ ceremony. Gold and Silver medal winners will go on to represent Dumfries and Galloway at the RBWF National Finals which will be held in Carluke on March 28 for secondary pupils and April 25 for primary pupils.

Barry Graham, Head Teacher of Wallace Hall, said: “I was at the competition in the morning and was very impressed with the standard of performance from all of the young people. It takes great courage to stand up and be judged in front of an audience but taking part in competitions like this one gives young people a wealth of transferrable skills for the future.

“The whole day was extremely well organised with competition secretary Fiona Evans running a tight ship right from when the entries are first submitted in January. Thank you to Fiona and to all of the competition committee for their hard work on the day.

“I would also like to say a special thank you to all of the teachers and coaches who help prepare our pupils for this competition. Pupils spend a lot of time practicing for the competition and I was delighted that so many of our young people won medals for their efforts. We have a lot of very talented young people in Wallace Hall and it is great to see their talent and hard work recognised. Well done to all who took part.”

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