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Our new S1 pupils

Our new S1 pupils are settling in to life at Wallace Hall well. The three classes (1.C1, 1.N1 and 1.S1) had a class photograph taken during their induction days in June and again on their very first day of S1, all wearing their brand new Wallace Hall Academy uniform.

Barry Graham, Head Teacher of Wallace Hall said: “I am delighted to welcome our new S1 pupils to Wallace Hall Academy. The move from primary to secondary is an important step. Our transitions programme ensures that making that move is as easy as possible for our young people and allows them to start S1 with confidence. It is great to see all three classes looking very smart in the Wallace Hall Academy uniform, ready to embrace the term ahead.”

Members of our S6 Communications and Publicity Group have been spending some time talking to our new S1 pupils over the past few weeks and asked them how they are enjoying life at Wallace Hall. Charlie Gibson said: “People at Wallace Hall are really nice and the teachers are very kind to us.” Calum Szulc added: “All of the teachers are amazing and I am enjoying going round all of the different subjects.” William Anderson said: “I really like Maths and PE. My favourite sport is basketball and I love beating Mr Mack!”

Cameron Davies commented: “My favourite place is the Library where we can play games on the computers at lunchtime. It is great fun.” Jasmine Coates said: “Lunchtime is much later than it was in primary school which means I get very hungry during period 4. I do like The Street area where I can sit and have a chat with my friends.” Hannah Grieve said: “Wallace Hall staff are very helpful and take time to make sure that we understand what we have to do.”

The final word has to go to Muskaan Naqvi who said: “I am very lucky and proud to be a pupil of Wallace Hall Academy. It is a great school.”

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