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Athletics Championships

This year’s school Athletics Championships took place on Wednesday 5th June. The running schedule had to be slightly altered due to inclement weather but all competitors gave 100% effort in the challenging conditions.

In the morning pupils participated in the Shot Putt and Long Jump events outside, while the High Jump finals were held indoors. After these were completed, competitors began the 100m, 400m and 800m heats on the track. The track was slightly wet underfoot but everyone managed these conditions well, with some of our competitors posting very good times.

Due to the forecast, the 800m and 400m finals were also completed before lunchtime with the aim of avoiding the worst of the weather. This left only the 100m finals after lunch to round off the action for the day.

The top 3 places in each year group for this year’s athletics championship were as follows:

S1 Boys - 1st Andrew Hastings, Joint 2nd - Jack Dunlop and Sebastian Young.

S1 Girls - 1st Olivia Taylor, 2nd Fearne Tait, 3rd Sofie Oakes.

S2 Boys - 1st Lewis Dempster, Joint 2nd Fergus Clanachan and Scott Murray.

S2 Girls - 1st Lara Barnes, 2nd Ellis McMillan, 3rd Ruth Little.

S3 Boys - 1st James Hastings, 2nd Joel Hall, 3rd Rory Gordon.

S3 Girls - 1st Tilly Wilson-Machin, 2nd Freya Gracie, 3rd Sara Collier.

Senior Boys - 1st Finlay Bainbridge, 2nd Finlay Thomson, 3rd Sam Taylor.

Senior Girls - 1st Ines Wood, 2nd Lois Geddes, Joint 3rd Josie Blount, Abby Little, Nicole McGeoch.

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