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Pasta Making in the Academy

Sausage Pasta was on the menu recently for all pupils in Wallace Hall Primary. Over the course of a week, every class visited the Home Economics department in the Academy to learn how to make sausage pasta with Miss Barrick, HE Teacher. Each class was divided into two groups with one half of the class working in the classroom next door on an activity prepared by their classroom teacher while the other half of the group donned an apron to begin making their pasta.

After a quick introduction by Miss Barrick, the pupils washed their hands and began the peeling, chopping and cooking process. Each stage of the recipe was demonstrated by Miss Barrick and, judging by the concentration on all of the pupils’ faces, everyone wanted to get it right. The younger pupils had a bit more support throughout the process but by the time the upper primary pupils took to their stations, everyone made their own dish from start to finish. At the end of the lesson the pupils piled their pasta into foil containers ready to take home and enjoy.

Callum Turner, P2, said: “I liked learning how to chop the sausages up with scissors” and Daisy Gray, also P2, added: “It was great fun making the sausage pasta with my friend.” Tori McCron, P3, commented: “I enjoyed the pasta ‘cause it tasted of chilli.” Taylor Stewart, P3, said: “I had sausage pasta for my tea and it was very good.” Arran Macaulay, P6, said: “I thought the whole experience was great fun. I liked the fact that we were given lots of responsibility and made the dish right through from start to finish.” Lily Simpson enjoyed “learning how to use the controls on the cookers” and Nairn Weir added: “The sausage pasta was delicious and nutritious.”

Mrs Nelson, DHT at WHPS, said: “What a brilliant opportunity it was for our young people to work with Miss Barrick in the fantastic Home Economics facilities we have in the academy. The children all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. They learned lots of new skills that are linked to our curriculum and the sessions built on all the work we already do on promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

Mr Rae, Principal Teacher with Responsibility for Health and Wellbeing, said: “I am really pleased that our primary pupils have been working with Miss Barrick in our Home Economics Department. Activities such as this one are an excellent opportunity to further enhance our 2–18 whole school approach to healthy eating. Thank you to Miss Barrick for all her hard work and preparation and thank you to our primary staff for facilitating this activity.”

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