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Preparing for the future

As part of their forward planning and transition from school, a number of S4 and S5 pupils recently got the chance to sign up for a mock interview session with Keith Sheddon from Thornhill and District Rotary Club. This was a great opportunity for the pupils to experience all the challenges a formal interview can bring with someone from outwith school.

Amy Broatch, S5, said: “I found my interview with Mr Sheddon to be a really useful experience and it has helped me to understand what a real-life interview will be like.” Robin Bradford, S5, added: “I am hoping to study engineering at College and hope to get a job in that field. My mock interview with Mr Sheddon highlighted how important it is to create a good first impression and show that you are keen to work hard.

Thornhill Rotarian Keith Sheddon commented: “It is always a pleasure to meet youngsters from Wallace Hall Academy and hopefully assist them with their chosen career paths. These mock interviews are a good way to prepare the youngsters by removing the angst their first interviews may bring.”

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