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P6 Show off their culinary skills


Wallace Hall Primary 6 pupils have been enjoying learning how to cook. Their first lesson took place in the classroom where they chopped vegetables to make a delicious pot of vegetable soup and since then they have experienced a couple of sessions in the Home Economics kitchen in the academy trying their hand at making pizzas and Spanish omelettes. The pupils have learned a variety of techniques including chopping, grilling and frying using ingredients such as cheese, tomatoes, passata, spring onions and potatoes. The sessions have been busy and great fun with the children working in groups of three, helped by some fantastic lady volunteers from our local community.

The whole project has been a great success and it is hoped that more sessions will be able to take place in the future. P6 pupils made the following comments:

Darach Smyth: “The pizzas were really delicious and I enjoyed chopping the onions. I learned how to dice tomatoes and really enjoyed watching the cheese melt over the passata.”

Matilda Larisma: “I learned how to use the oven and it was fun to make the pizzas. I got covered in flour which took me ages to clean off.”

Rebekah Hamilton: “The omelettes were very tasty and we all enjoyed eating them.”

Arran Macaulay: “We couldn’t cook the omelettes too long in the pan otherwise they would stick and burn. We put them in the oven to melt the cheese. I really enjoyed mine and so did my mum.

Lily Simpson: “I learned how to use a frying pan and really enjoyed working in the HE kitchen.”

Lucy Robson: “I really enjoyed the process of making the omelettes. Mine was really tasty and my mum and dad definitely agreed.”

Arron Valentine: “Making an omelette can be messy but all the hard work was worth it to eat the tasty, creamy omelette.”

Amy Tate: “I didn’t know I liked eggs till I tried my Spanish omelette. I really enjoyed learning how to cook.”

The verdict - delicious!


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