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Emily races through her Bronze Award

Every pupil in S1 and S2 English classes at Wallace Hall Academy takes part in a structured programme of personal reading, which is rewarded with House points and certificates. The reading periods take place during English classes, and pupils are encouraged to widen their choice of reading materials either by borrowing books from our well-stocked school library or by bringing books in from home. Pupils work through a variety of activities in the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum booklets and are rewarded with merits and certificates on the completion of each level of the award. Mrs McMillan, Principal Teacher of English and Literacy said: "The enjoyment of reading is something that can last a lifetime, as well as helping pupils improve their literacy skills. We are lucky to have an excellent library and many sixth year paired reading volunteers who help pupils develop their personal reading."

Emily Clarke was the first S1 pupil this year to complete her Bronze award and be presented with her certificate by Mr Graham, Head Teacher of Wallace Hall. Mr Graham said: "I am delighted that Emily has been the first member of her year group to be awarded the Bronze reading certificate. This award recognises and encourages young people to read on a regular basis and challenge themselves with their choice of texts. As a school we are very keen to encourage all young people to read for enjoyment, relaxation and academic challenge.”


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