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Cample Line Exhibition

Higher Photography pupils have been working hard this year on their SQA portfolios. This required them to complete numerous photoshoots, analyse and evaluate their photos and present their final images neatly and creatively for the SQA. The course focuses on developing technical and creative photography skills as well as analytical abilities.

The chance to use Cample Line as an exhibition space where each pupil could present a selection of photographs was a fantastic opportunity for our Higher Photography students to display their work in a professional setting. Pupils spent the first weeks of January curating and editing their selected photographs before visiting Cample Line on the Tuesday prior to the event when they constructed their displays.

The event took place on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th January as a pop-up exhibition where friends, family and the general public came to view the range of work completed this year and to hear about the pupils’ projects. There was a fantastic turnout on opening night, bringing with it an opportunity for pupils to answer questions and gain feedback about their photographs and their chosen projects. This is the second year Cample Line has welcomed the Higher Photography class to present their work in a pop-up exhibition. The pupils appreciate this opportunity which will hopefully continue in the future.

Higher Photography work will be presented again at the Expressive Arts Showcase Evening taking place in Wallace Hall Academy on Wednesday 1st April from 5pm-7pm. Pieces from National 4, 5 and Higher Art will also be on display alongside performances from music and drama.

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