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Wee Sleep Out at Wallace Hall Academy

Last term, over 100 S1-3 pupils and 12 members of staff at Wallace Hall Academy participated in Social Bite’s “Wee Sleep Out” where they “slept rough” for the night. Social Bite is a Scottish charity which raises awareness and money, with the aim of eliminating homelessness in Scotland.

Alice Thompson, co-founder of Social Bite, visited the school a week before the event to deliver a workshop on homelessness in Scotland. Alice spoke very informatively, highlighting the various different reasons why people end up homeless. She said how important it is to reduce the stigma associated with homelessness and how essential it is that everyone has a safe place to call home. Her message was powerful and empowering and we were delighted that so many pupils decided to take part and support this very worthwhile cause.

On the evening of the event, pupils and staff arrived in school equipped with cosy sleeping bags and copious layers of clothing. Before heading outside to settle down for the night ahead, pupils participated in games, a quiz and enjoyed a “soup-style kitchen” for supper. Fortunately, although it was exceptionally cold at -6°c, it was dry with no rain, snow or biting winds. Despite the bitter cold and frost developing on their sleeping bags, the pupils were determined to stick it out with the majority managing to sleep out from midnight to 6am. Their attitude was: “if homeless people have to do every night then we can do it for one”.

Natalie Flint, Acting PT Pupil Support and Biology teacher who organised the event, said: “Pupils worked hard to get sponsorship for participating in the event, raising a fantastic £3714.93 for Social Bite. This brilliant effort placed Wallace Hall Academy in the top 10 fundraising schools in Scotland: a phenomenal achievement and one which all of our pupils should be very proud of.”

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