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Stepping up to Secondary

The step from Primary 7 into First Year can be a daunting one but last week Wallace Hall staff and senior pupils went that extra mile to ensure that our prospective new S1 pupils would get a flavour of what new pupils can expect when they choose Wallace Hall.

To get the evening started, the primary pupils registered in the primary gym. Every pupil was given a name badge and put in a group before setting off to their respective classes. Pupils’ timetables covered a wide range of subject areas including activities in Art & Design, Design and Technology, Drama, English, Geography, Home Economics, ICT, Maths, Modern Studies, PE and Science.

At the same time, parents and carers were guided to the Bailey Hall where they learned about the process of their child’s transition from primary to secondary before enjoying a tour of the excellent facilities in the school. Included in the tour were presentations by various senior members of staff on subjects such as the curriculum, pupil voice and health and wellbeing alongside talks from two of this year’s S1 pupils, Alex Bailey and Cameron MacGregor, and our Head Boy and Girl, Finlay Bainbridge and Josie Blount.

Mr Mack, Acting DHT who organised the event, said: “All of the parents and pupils attending were very positive about our P7 Open Evening. They were impressed by the structure of the event, the enthusiasm of the staff and pupils who took part and the information highlighted in the various presentations. All of the prospective pupils really engaged well with the lessons and we look forward to meeting them all again on our P7 Transition Days next year.”

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