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Money Monsters welcomes new staff

Money Monsters Saving Scheme, in conjunction with the Solway Credit Union, has started two new teams of Primary 6 pupils to their staff.

After an application and interview process 10 pupils were selected to be the staff of the 2019/2020 Money Monsters.

The teams received training from Mrs McDiarmid and were ready and well prepared for their first customers.

Donald from the Solway Credit Unit said 'What a lovely group of pupils who are very keen and show maturity and respect for their positions'.

The savings scheme runs in the school library every second Thursday from 11am-11.30am and we have ever increasing numbers of pupils joining us. Mrs McDiarmid, Depute Head Teacher says, 'The pupils who work in Money Monsters learn a sense of responsibility, how to deal with money and the importance of confidentiality and customer service, all skills essential for life, the students who save with us very quickly grasp the concept of savings and enjoy watching their money banks fill up at home and bringing them into school to deposit into their accounts'.

Happy savings to all the Money Monsters and we always welcome new members!

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