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For our last day of term, a non-uniform day was organised to raise money and awareness for two charities.

The first charity is Breast Cancer UK, the only UK charity focused on the prevention of breast cancer by campaigning to reduce the risk of this potentially fatal condition. In the UK over 13,000 breast cancer cases could be prevented per year and Breast Cancer UK makes it their mission to attempt to prevent breast cancer through scientific research, collaboration, education and policy change.

The second charity is First Base Dumfries, a small independent charity which delivers food parcels to those in need within the local area. They deliver an average of 4000 food parcels annually and now have an Education Project which involves visiting schools regionally to give information on topics such as drug and alcohol awareness. They support families affected by drugs and alcohol, women at risk of violence, ex service personnel, and foreign nationals facing poverty and deprivation.

Thank you to all pupils and staff who donated to these two worthy causes, we are sure the money will be put to good use. As it was the last day of term, the money raised has still to be counted but we hope that both charities will receive their donation very soon.

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