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Culture at CAMPLE LINE

Four Wallace Hall Academy S6 pupils have recently completed a creative project as part of the spring programme on "Reading Dr Grierson's Library" in partnership with CAMPLE LINE. Eleanor McKie, Emily Kennedy, Freya Donald and Eryn Robertson have worked closely with Tina Fiske from CAMPLE LINE to develop a creative installation inspired by the narrative of one of the books held in the library of Dr Grierson’s Museum in Thornhill. Chloe Ackland, a former Wallace Hall Academy pupil, has also been involved and her talent in photography has been much appreciated.

The profile of the project received national recognition on Friday, 24th May when Fiona Hyslop, Minister for Culture at the Scottish Government, visited CAMPLE LINE to learn more about the exhibition’s programme and meet CAMPLE LINE staff and partners. The girls were delighted to be invited along to meet with Ms Hyslop and get the chance to discuss their project with her. Ms Hyslop spent time chatting with the girls, admiring the wall vinyl they designed and installed. She also spent some time watching a screening of their short, 1-minute long films, which they had completed to mark the end of their part in the project.

The forthcoming summer project at CAMPLE LINE, from 13th July to 14th September 2019, will focus on “Reading Dr Grierson's Library”, book 2 - a dictionary of daily blunders which contains a collection of mistakes often made in speaking and writing. Next session our new S6 pupils will be undertaking two short projects: one being a spoken word project and the other a written word project.

Anne Marie Wood, PEF Project Officer and organiser of the link between Wallace Hall and CAMPLE LINE, said: “I was thrilled that the girls and key members of staff from Wallace Hall were invited down to meet Fiona Hyslop. Tina and the staff of CAMPLE LINE are very supportive of the school and continually offer our pupils some fantastic opportunities through becoming involved in projects such as this one and by hosting our Higher Photography Exhibition earlier this session. I look forward to our partnership continuing to grow over the coming year.”

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