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Expressive Arts Showcase

It has been a very busy and exciting year for the Expressive Arts Faculty at Wallace Hall Academy. This was culminated recently in a showcase evening where all of the stunning artwork and photography created by our senior pupils during the year was on display alongside a programme of fantastic performances put together by our drama and music pupils. Pupils, parents and members of our local community all thoroughly enjoyed the talent on display with many commenting on the "skills" and "flair" of our WHA pupils.

One parent said: "I am so impressed by the quality and variety of art and design work and photographs that have been produced by the pupils as well as by the confidence and skill that the music and drama pupils showcased! What a great event!"

This event was only possible due to our fantastic Parent Council who funded the materials to make the display boards which were very professionally produced by David Simpson, our WHA Design and Technology Technician.

Vickie Simpson, PT Expressive Arts, expressed her gratitude to the parents and local community and said: "I've been blown away by the support of our parents and local community. So many people have come along to support our event and commented on the talent of all our pupils in the faculty. It is always a great opportunity for our pupils to not only showcase their talent, but also to talk to the audience and discuss their work. Well done to all our senior pupils - we are all very proud of you!"

John Blair, acting Head Teacher, added: “The phenomenal creative talent of our young artists and performers has been showcased well at this event and I am delighted with the standard and quality of pupil talent on display, both in the gallery and on stage. However, such an event does not happen without a considerable amount of hard work and effort being put in behind the scenes during the rehearsal process and when getting the pupils’ work ready for display. I would like to thank Mrs Black, Mrs Griffin, Mr Riley and Mrs Simpson from our Expressive Arts Faculty as well as Mr Simpson in Design and Technology for the time and effort they have put in to making the event such a success. Thanks also to our Parent Council, our parents and our local community as a whole for their support. I hope that our Expressive Arts Showcase will become an annual event.”

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