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Wallace Hall Academy S6 pupils Eleanor, Emily, Freya and Eryn have been working on a year-long project "Reading Dr Grierson's Library" in partnership with CAMPLE LINE. They have worked closely with Tina Fiske from CAMPLE LINE to develop a creative installation inspired by the narratives of some of the books.

Over spring, summer and autumn, small groups of senior pupils from Wallace Hall will read three books that were once in the library of Dr Grierson’s Museum in Thornhill (1872-1965). They will then develop creative projects based on those books, which will become part of the programme at CAMPLE LINE. Eleanor, Emily, Freya and Eryn have read extracts of Giovanni Belzoni’s A Narrative of the Operations and Recent Discoveries within the Pyramids, Temples, Tombs and Excavations in Egypt and Nubia (1822) - no. 69 on the list of Dr Grierson’s Library. They selected phrases from the part of the book that detailed how Belzoni and local labourers moved the 9-ton granite head of Rameses II two miles from where it lay to the banks of the Nile (from where it eventually travelled to the British Museum). The group then designed and partly installed a wall vinyl which is featured on one of the gallery walls in the screening room.

The installation will be on display at CAMPLE LINE until 25 May 2019. As a second project, the group are making short 1-minute long films, which will be screened towards the end of the spring programme.

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