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Golden Time is great

Pupils at Wallace Hall Primary really look forward to their ‘Golden Time’ activities every Friday afternoon. This is when pupils get the chance to spend time doing special, enjoyable activities that are not normally available during the week. Pupils earn their golden time for good behaviour: 10 minutes for each day of good behaviour and 5 minutes each Friday, giving each pupil a maximum of 45 minutes golden time every week. However, time can also be taken off the pupils’ weekly total should the behaviour of any individual pupil/s give cause for concern.

Wallace Hall Primary 7 pupils have taken ‘Golden Time’ activities a step further with some of the P7 pupils volunteering to organise and lead activities for the younger pupils in areas including dance, basketball, trasion (fashion made from waste materials), mindfulness colouring, Art Club and Science Club.

The P7 volunteers do all the organising - from planning the club and resourcing the materials to targeting certain age groups. The P7 pupils decide what they would like to offer and work with a partner or in a small group. They then decide who to offer it to and go to the relevant class to see what interest there is. Running the activities encourages a great sense of responsibility for the P7 pupils and they thoroughly enjoy this challenge.

Cameron Davies, S6, said: “I was part of the Lego Club with Mack and Simeon and we set Lego Challenges for the P2 and P3 classes. I really enjoyed doing this and I look forward to my “Golden Time” on a Friday.”


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