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Over the course of this year a number of our pupils, from across all year groups, have been taking part in a series of workshops delivered by educational provider Live-N-Learn. These lively and fun workshops aim to help young people take personal responsibility for their learning; overcome the fear of failure; learn about what it means to be really confident; manage their emotions and help young people be more open to getting involved in activities and opportunities.

“Inner confidence, peer pressure & attitude all affect young people’s progress. Our sessions raise aspirations, help pupils embrace struggle, cope with setbacks & gives them the impetus to start believing in themselves.” (LiveNLearn)

Following feedback from senior pupils who felt this type of growth mindset workshop had been really helpful to them both in and beyond school, the current series of workshops has included pupils from the years S1-S3. Pictured here are pupils working on a group challenge in the second of three workshops planned for this year. We look forward to the next session in June which will focus on transitions to the new academic year. The Live-N-Learn workshop series has been supported by the Pupil Equity Fund.

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