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Career pathways in agriculture

The Agri Employability group paid a visit to the SRUC Barony Campus recently to look at possible courses and career pathways in agriculture. They learned about all the different opportunities available in agriculture and how to access information and advice about how to get into the industry. The group were shown round the campus by some former Wallace Hall Academy pupils who are currently studying at the Barony and the sessions were led by Adam Wardrop, Programme Team Leader and Barony Lecturer, John Flanagan.

Some of the time was spent in the classroom where Adam delivered a presentation on the types of jobs connected with agriculture, highlighting the skills and qualities required for the various sectors of the industry. They took some time to explain the progression pathways through the different levels of courses the SRUC offer and how these can prepare students for a career in the industry.

A tour of the farm by John was next on the agenda where the Wallace Hall students enjoyed seeing and learning about the Barony’s set up for dairy cows and sheep. The students were particularly interested in finding out more about the robots working in the milking parlour.

The visit to Barony was very informative and worthwhile and our students benefited from advice from both the Barony staff and from the perspective of a Barony student. Thank you to Adam, John and the current students at Barony for giving pupils in the Agri Employability group a most interesting and useful insight into the life of an agricultural student at SRUC.

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