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Enjoying a Story

World Book Day is always an important part of the Wallace Hall school calendar and this year was no exception. The theme this year was ‘We are sharing a story’, and throughout the day pupils enjoyed reading together and sharing lots of well -loved stories. Pupils and staff in the ELC and in the primary dressed up as a character from their favourite story. Primary pupils’ creative skills were tested through competitions to design a book mark and design a book jacket for a favourite classic story. Nursery pupils enjoyed activities such as “Book and a Banana” and “Story and a Satsuma’. The Nursery pupils also paid a visit to the library in the academy to take part in a bunny treasure hunt. Once all the bunny tails were found and reunited, some of our S6 pupils read bunny stories to the Nursery pupils. All had a great time and, to further mark the day, all pupils from Nursery right through to S6 were given a World Book Day token. Thanks to Mrs Smith, Acting DHT, for organising all the activities.

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