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Storm Ali in Thornhill

When I woke up last Wednesday honestly I, along with most of my friends, were hoping that the torrential rain and strong winds that Storm Ali brought would mean a day off school (though we all knew that would not actually happen).

However small this may have been to the pupils in the moment it was actually a big undertaking for the school to make sure that everyone was informed and stayed safe. Doing this required the cooperation of all staff and pupils. The school did an amazing job in making sure that not only did the pupils know what was happening, but also that parents were kept informed too. The office staff were very organised with the situation making sure that every pupil was accounted for, and that if pupils were leaving it was known to the school.

Although lunch time was hectic with all the extra pupils, the dinner ladies went to great lengths to make sure that everybody was fed and able to be seated in the school. They also provided those left after school with cookies and juice which was a very nice touch when we were served in the Bailey Hall and the Primary Gym.

During the day although the staff did their best to keep everyone safe, the prefects also stepped up in their roles even if it was not their prefect day, in doing this they made sure that all of the younger students were kept calm and safe inside the school.

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