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UK Parliament Week

Last term, pupils in Wallace Hall Primary all attended a virtual assembly for UK Parliament Week where they viewed a presentation explaining what UK Parliament Week is all about, listened to the song “Be the Change” and watched a video clip of Prime Minister’s Question Time. Mr Graham, Head Teacher at Wallace Hall, also organised a colouring competition using images such as the Houses of Commons, Votes for Women and the 1998 Devolution.

Mr Graham said: “I was really keen to highlight UK Parliament Week in Wallace Hall as it is important that we inform our young people of what goes on in Parliament and to encourage them to get involved in politics as this will have an impact on everybody’s life. Some of the recent events from America have helped us appreciate how important the democratic process is and we want to encourage all our young people to be active citizens. I was delighted with the number and quality of posters that were handed in as part of the competition and it was a difficult decision for us to choose our winners. When we get back to normal, our visitors will be able to see a fantastic UK Parliament wall display outside the P7 class.”


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