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Welcome To The LRC

"At the moment that we persuade a child, any child, to cross that threshold, that magic threshold into a library, we change their lives forever, for the better.” Barack Obama 
The Library Resource Centre (LRC) is a very important part of Wallace Hall Academy. It is situated on the first floor of the Wallace Hall Academy main building, adjacent to the SMT offices, and is easily accessed from The Street. The current Library Assistant is Mrs Caroline Menzies. Mrs Menzies has been a member of staff at Wallace Hall Academy since 1994 and was appointed as School Library Assistant in March 2009.  
The LRC is for the benefit of all the school community and offers a wide range of facilities and support. The LRC is a very popular area in the school with pupils and staff making good use of the excellent facilities. It is used during class time for reading, researching, teaching, project work and many other activities. The LRC is also used outwith normal school hours and access to the facilities at this time encourages pupils to work and learn independently, develop information-seeking and processing skills and enjoy reading for pleasure. 


Please Note:  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, our school library is unfortunately unable to operate as normal at present. The space is being used for some timetabled classes but it is closed outwith these times. Access for pupils and staff will continue to be reviewed in accordance with our authority and school risk assessment. 


LRC Access 

The LRC is open from 8.30am through until 4.30pm. It is a busy environment and the facility is used extensively by both staff and pupils. Teachers are able to book the classroom area and/or the ICT area for timetabled classes. Senior pupils may access the LRC during their study periods and should sign in at the main LRC desk. 
Outwith class time pupils may access the LRC: 


  • Before school begins from 8.30am to 9.15am 

  • At morning interval, except on weekly staff meeting day  

  • At lunchtimes 

  • After school from 3.45pm to 4.30pm 

At these times the pupils can sit and read quietly, catch up on homework or work on the computers. ICT access outwith class times must be booked with Mrs Menzies, Library Assistant. Priority will be given to pupils using the computers for homework. 
Occasionally the LRC is used for a whole school event and has to be closed to pupils and staff. Notice of this is given via the school tannoy or via class tutors.  
LRC History  
Until the early seventies there were two local secondary schools - the six year Wallace Hall Academy at Closeburn and the four-year Morton Academy at Thornhill. In 1972 the two schools amalgamated and the new school situated at Thornhill took the name of the former Senior Secondary School at Closeburn. 








Prior to this amalgamation an extensive building programme was started in 1970 and finally completed in 1978 with the Library section of the building completed by 1976. In 1975 the school received a bequest of books from Miss Annie S Grant, a former English and Latin teacher, which helped to stock the Library in the initial stages. A plaque to acknowledge this was crafted from silver and this remains on display in one of our trophy cabinets in the Bailey Hall. In consultation with staff, the Library underwent a major refurbishment in 1997 embracing new technology and becoming known as the Library Resource Centre (LRC). At this time the stock was greatly improved by the government grants in the late 1990s/early 2000s - plus of course the Millennium Library. Every avenue of investment was followed. In January 2010 Wallace Hall Academy moved into a beautiful new purpose built building with the Library Resource Centre situated at the heart of the school.  














The school continues to invest both time and finance into ensuring that the LRC remains a vital element in supporting learning and teaching in Wallace Hall Academy today. 
LRC Aims  
The LRC aims to: 


  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere and a positive learning environment 

  • Encourage pupils to become independent learners 

  • Provide support for work being carried out in the classroom 

  • Provide appropriate resources for research work at all levels 

  • Encourage pupils to read for pleasure  

  • Provide a wide choice of fiction titles for all levels of reading ability 

  • Support effective use of ICT in Learning and Teaching 

  • Offer access to a wide range of information 

  • To broaden pupils general knowledge and awareness of current affairs 

  • To develop pupils leisure interests 

Code Of Conduct  
The LRC is a busy and popular environment.  
Pupils and staff are encouraged to use the facilities both during and outwith class time.  
The LRC may be used for: 


  • Quiet study  

  • Doing research or homework  

  • Working on the computers  

  • Reading  

The atmosphere in the LRC is warm and welcoming with an expectation of mutual respect promoted. Users are expected to look after the facilities ensuring that no furniture or equipment is damaged. Users are also expected to respect the needs of others. Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.  
No eating and drinking is allowed in the LRC, except for water. No liquids are allowed near the computers. Headphones are allowed to aid independent study. 
Computer Rules  
At lunchtimes pupils are allowed to use the computers to play games. However, multi-player games such as Halo and Battlefield are not permitted. Pupils should check with Mrs Menzies if they are uncertain if the game they want to play falls into this category. At all times pupils doing school work or homework take precedence over pupils playing games, checking their e-mails or surfing the net. 
For the latest information on the library, or for any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our Library Assistant, Mrs C Menzies, on the following e-mail address - 
Thank you 

WHA Closeburn

WHA 1972-2010

Current WHA

Mrs Menzies

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