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Enterprising Maths

On Thursday 26th September, 11 schools from across the region descended on Wallace Hall Academy to take part in the annual Enterprising Maths Challenge. Our team consisted of Emily Cochran and Thomas Rideout (S3) along with S4 pupils Anya Graham and Abigail Maxwell. Thomas said: “To get picked for the team we did a test in class earlier this term and the pupils who received the highest marks were chosen to take part.”

The first round consisted of basic problem solving, warm-up questions and physical puzzles. The second round focused on engineering and the third round took the form of a relay. Emily said: “One of our tasks was to build a bridge designed to hold 7kg.” Anya and Abigail added: “We used newspaper and small sticks which we stuck together to make the structure. It was a busy but fun day.”

Our team came a very respectable 4th place with the team from Douglas Ewart taking the top spot.  They will now go on to compete at a National level and we wish them the best of luck.

Thanks go to Mrs Morton and Miss Murray for organising the day.

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