House System

House Captains

We think it is very important that all pupils at Wallace Hall Academy have the best possible experience at school. Everyone should be given opportunities to develop and fulfil their potential, not only in their studies but also in other areas where they may be talented or have a particular interest. We want to introduce our pupils to as wide a variety of experiences as possible. We would like all pupils to participate fully in the life of the school and leave school with confidence; armed with many of the skills they will need to be happy, successful and confident in their adult lives. 

Wallace Hall Academy has 3 houses, Nith, Cairn and Scaur. They each have a house colour. During sports day and other house activities pupils will dress according to their house colour to show their support and cheer on fellow peers. House Captain positions are applied for each year by pupils who wish to take on this role. There are two house captains per house, per year group. After interviews the successful candidates start their roles for the year. The House Captain role is important within the school their remit includes organising house activities for their year group, encouraging their peers to participate in house events thus gaining points which are collated at the end of each year to win the house shield and speaking at weekly house assemblies. 

The House Captains for the year 2017/18 are as follows:

S1 - James Hobman & Logan Fry 
S2 - Charlotte Colley & Olivia Andreasen 
S3 - Findlay Young & Sam Taylor
S4 - Nicole McGeogh & Lucas Andreasen
S5 - Emily McVicar & Gemma McLeod
S6 - Marianne Willets & Flo Trower

S1 - Lilly Downey & Olivia Burns
S2 - Lottie Gaskell & Hannah-Kate Fisher
S3 - Hollie Menzies & Luke MacKay
S4 - Olivia Macklin
S5 - Emily Kennedy & Eleanor Burns
S6 - Alexandru Nan & Zara Kennedy

S1 - Kara Jeans & Connor McAvoy
S2 - Sam Godfrey & Molly Ayres
S3 - Annabelle Guthrie & Chloe Williams
S4 - Caitlin Greenwood & Jack Roberts
S5 - Josh Notman & Niall Holden
S6 - Sean Wicks

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