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There is a wide selection of Junior and Senior fiction to choose from. This includes Quick Reads and genre categories for Junior pupils, which help them to complete their Reading Records at all levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum). The Senior fiction section is made up of both classic and contemporary books from a wide variety of genres. There is also a range of short stories, poetry and drama, which again is both classic and modern.


There is a Dewey decimal indexed non-fiction section which allows pupils to research topics of interest. Pupils can use the Codebreaker to find the location of the book in their topic, and become familiar with the system through guidance and use. There is also a well-equipped reference section and an extensive, up-to-date study support section, which includes study and success guides and past papers which help pupils to work towards their exams

Careers Library 

The careers library is kept up to date with the latest information about Higher Education courses, apprenticeships and careers. Pupils are free to use the careers library at any time and find it beneficial for helping them choose their next steps after school.

Staff Library 

The staff library is a collection of resources on a wide variety of subjects which are related to different aspects of teaching. It is accessible to staff during library opening hours. 

Accommodation & Equipment 

The LRC houses: 


  • A computer area with 23 networked computers all accessing the Internet

  • Promethean Board with access to the Internet

  • A computer/study area with 6 networked computers

  • A central teaching area

  • A quiet reading corner

  • A shelving area housing all resources including the careers materials

  • Library Assistants desk with 1 networked computer

The LRC contains the following equipment: 

  • 30 networked computers

  • 1 Promethean boar

  • 1 colour networked laser printer

  • 6 Kindles (two purchased by Parent Council)

  • 1 scanner

  • 1 Laminator

  • 1 stand alone colour inkjet printer/scanner

  • 1 colour photo-copier

  • 1 compact digital camera

  • 1 laptop

  • 1 weather station

  • 3 sets of resource boxes for poster/topic work

Eclipse Data Management 

In October 2009, Eclipse data management system was purchased and over 8000 books are now catalogued on this. All pupils and staff have access to Eclipse via the school network and can view the LRC catalogue on the school computers and check their personal borrowing account. There are also hard copies of the LRC catalogue available for pupils search for resources. 

Issue Rules 

The following are the rules governing the issue of books from the Learning Resource Centre, including Careers material. 

Number of Issues Allowed 

The number of items which can be borrowed varies according to year group. In S1 and S2 you can borrow up to 3 items. In S3 and S4 you can borrow up to 4 items. In S5 and S6 you can borrow up to 5 items. Staff can borrow up to 10 items. 

However, at Wallace Hall Academy we are keen to encourage reading for pleasure. If you would like to increase the number of items you can borrow at any one time, please speak to Mrs Menzies who is happy to consider such requests.

Length of Loans 

The various loan types can be borrowed for the following lengths of time:

Book loan - 2 weeks 
Reference loan - 1 week 
Study Support loan - 2 nights 
Careers loan - 1 night

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