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European Sports Day

European School Sport Day 2019

Wallace Hall Primary School children joined children all over Europe in enjoying being active for at least 120 minutes last Thursday.

The aims of the day were to:

  • support all learners in being healthy and active

  • develop learners' confidence and teamwork skills

  • have fun

  • raise the profile of the Daily Mile, PE and school sport

The P1-7 children took part in a Super Mario Kart inspired speedway, a very energetic workout and a relaxing yoga class. All the children completed the Daily Mile together in a circuit around the school grounds and had great fun pacing themselves and encouraging each other. The day ended with an extremely lively whole school dance-a-thon for pupils and staff in the hall. A special mention is needed for the ELC children who braved the showery weather and went on a pulse-raising walk around the school grounds.

Many thanks to all the children for their sensational sporting efforts and 'can-do' attitudes on the day.

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