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Challenge Café

Wallace Hall Primary 6 pupils demonstrated their caring side recently when they decided to organise a Challenge Café in order to raise money for charity. The challenge started with each child being allocated the sum of £5 as an interest free loan to grow into a profit that they could donate to whichever charity they chose. The children then had to decide whether they wanted to be a sole trader or whether they wanted to join others to work together as a group. They also had to choose to either make items for sale or to offer a service.

The pupils put in a huge amount of effort into the event and a wide variety of stalls showcasing a terrific selection of attractive hand-made gifts such as friendship bracelets, painted stones, cards and gift labels were on display to tempt customers to part with their cash. A variety of delicious home baking, made the day before, was also available for purchase and visitors also had the chance to enjoy some of this along with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee. All children on the day were fully involved in the event, supporting each other throughout.

Arron said: “Stunning, an amazing opportunity that I am sure none of us will ever forget – we should have made more cupcakes.” Eve said: “It was amazing and I am happy to have raised so much money which will go to a very good cause. I will never forget the experience.” Brodie said: I enjoyed seeing people’s faces as they ate my tiffen.” Arran said: “Making our £5 grow was an amazing responsibility. I felt as if I had a ‘real’ job. Me and my best friend Rebekah raised £96.50 and we are so proud of ourselves. My family were a great help as well. No wonder there was such a ‘buzz’ about the place. I will remember this event forever!” Logan commented: “Our Challenge Café was the highlight of P6 and selling kindness rocks!” Stevie added: “Everything sold out so fast but the laughs will last forever.”

The afternoon was very well supported with the fantastic sum of £1018.53 raised which will be forwarded to the variety of charities chosen by the pupils. The pupils are currently in the process of writing to each charity highlighting the ethos behind their decision and this will be enclosed with their donation. Irene Kennedy, P6 teacher, said: “I was extremely proud of the whole class. They really put a huge amount of effort into the challenge by offering services, designing and making gifts, baking cakes, advertising the event and setting up their stalls. Their sales skills were exceptional! Thank you to all the pupils, parents, staff and members of the wider community who came along to support us.”

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