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                             Cashless Catering

A new way of paying for school meals was introduced into secondary schools across Dumfries and Galloway during 2005. 

All students and staff were issued with a personal smart card, a computerised card which stores information in the same way as a plastic bank or credit card. 

Students joining the school apply for a card by contacting the School Office. 

Some of the benefits of the Cashless System include: money is not required on a daily basis parents; you can send a cheque/cash in advance ensuring that the money is used for lunch; individual reports on pupils accounts can be produced on request because there is no cash handled at the point of sale; the speed of service is increased and queues are reduced; more hygienic than handling cash. 

Students on free meals have the same card and can be assured anonymity. Cash or cheques can be loaded onto the account for additional purchases. 

A daily upper spend limit of 5 prevents all the money on the card being spent. You may request an alternative daily spend limit. A minimum of £2.10 will be required to purchase a two-course meal. 

For the first few weeks, 1st year pupils are sent for lunch five minutes before the other years so that they are the first to be served each day. 

The Dining Hall is also open at morning interval for filled rolls, hot drinks etc. as part of the catering service. It provides a warm sheltered area particularly in winter months. 



Link to Free School Meals Applicaton Form

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